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good comments man...we r still doin partys in preston and blackburn...;)


i myself have been to these partys and am all for them. They bring people from all over the country to unite in a big party, improved with casual drugs. This may not be healthy option but are damn good fun


The original Cave crew "Outhouse" are now in Wales, still doing free party's and now go under the name of "Chaconne" Big Love....


we are trying to something like this but puting sneaky little partys on in the countryside is something thing were quite new to. if anyone has any advice, mainly on decent sites where we wont get disturbed please mail me.



big up OUTHOUSE! and all the cave crew powie,slebs,dave and grog! krs1

veilo preston

i go to all partys up mountins i can there great


I was at a Rave at hodgeclose last year, 2006. As far as I know that was the last one ever to be held there due to health and safty. Police turned up in the morning and tryed to send everyone away. Got a letter from them saying they were instaling monitoring equipment this year (must have got my address from the car number plate). We did another one this year south of coniston up in the hills. Think thats the place to be now.


You fucking know it was buzzin.
Respect all Crew. Steely, Powie, Deeds and Grog RIP..
Always thinkin of u guyz


What happened to Grog? I was a friend of his girlfriend, Magda - in fact what happened to her as well

Joe Nattrass

biggin up coniston, just for the old man!my bro usesd to dj in the caves, jamie cross.....we need to keep outdoore parts alive!


Groggs dead,magda is fine and grogs son is a star..... We are just about 2 do it again in wales so E mail [email protected] .....Big respect and love.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Steely D.....

Use my E mail 2 face book me.
Hey you wanna hear what its like now haha.xxx


haha I was present & smashed at every single one. My mates spun di tunes & a good time was had by all. The 7th Rave in the cave saw Hodge close road bumper to bumper from the main road 2 the quarry, it was so popular. It took the police until around 7am to even get access to the site. They had thought they wereclever coming early & confiscating our generator. More fool them! My mate drove down the back way & returned with a PA we blasted from his volleywag. It was the busiest to date. Ah the summer of love. Remember the origional doves party people. Rave on. Conrad still buzzing from the experience Lee.

ben harrison

flash backs or what? ive always wondered what happened to the guys that ROCKED the carlton in morecambe on a friday nite then on to some secret location in the lakes f*ckin brilliant TOP GUYS THANKS FOR ALL THE MEMORYS Peace be with you all what ever your up to............


rave int cave !!! them was the days....
big shout out to the crew

r.i.p GROG



it's a bit dark in here,we need some light !!!so we can see the sheep,(they used the cave in bad weather, bless them) a few terra strobes, robo scans & some other bits & bobs, including uv's will doo ! but we can't leave them on the cave floor during the rave ! so powie,steely,grog(R.I.P),chappy & me(moon),had a right carry on trying to get them all up in the cave roof, balancing on oil drums,bits o'slate & trees,we did all this during the week leading up to the rave,but we had to be sneaky, or else the feds would try & nick them before the party, so we use to build toxic fires in the cave so no one could enter until outhouse was ready, the things we did just to have a dance party ,was it all worth it ? HELL YEA!!! From there i went on to do events in manchester (life), sheffield(gatecrasher)& holland(freebird). I'm 46 now & still at it,not sure about this putting a donk in it now ??? back in the day it was SWEET HARMONY & INSOMNIAC I MUST SLEEP !!!

Steely D.....

Hello all you party people xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hey guys, guess who...

Steely D.....

Im in wales now wiv da lads and it's well cool xxx
Mr Zac Graham .peas an love.


does any one know where i might purchase some of grogg and powies mix tapes from in the day pls pls any help would be great xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Didnt they have one in 2006

Steely D

If there was one,it wasn,t us as we are in wales now. Powies son has done a few at the bottom of the old man though.

Steely D

Dec, your not Declan are you??? If so hello. Check me out on facebook


top neets at hodge close made some good friends along the way

Staf D

dark nites..damp caves..top tunes...original doves...beautiful sunrises..amazing people/dj's...wot more can i say...absolute fookin mental...still go up there now n then n it all comes back...massive respect cave crew..RIP Grog..

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